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It’s a new season of Tampa Bay Lightning hockey.
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Lean, Mean
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We’re flipping everyone the bird with our first radio work for Tijuana Flats.
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An online mystery in noir-style fashion. A Communication Arts Webpick of the Day.
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It's our credo. Our culture. The reason you looked us up.
Come inside and see what we're so passionate about.


Marketing is no longer just about convincing people that your product or service is better, faster or cheaper than the competition's. In too many cases, superiority claims have become parody, and are at times subjective, leaving people confused and skeptical about which brand is best when they all claim to be.

We create brand advocates by identifying then fueling the (often latent) passion consumers have for a product or service. When we connect your brand to people through the shared experiences, insights, information and expertise they have for the things they are passionate about—or by providing them with social currency—people begin to understand how your brand can fit into their lives and add meaningful value.

We call our approach Passion Branding™. With it, we can define the path to long-term brand-for-me advocacy by creating an impassioned network of vocal 'real world' influencers. We can open a dialogue, start a movement, and turn powerful ideas and white-hot passion into big-time profits. After all, isn't that why you're here?


Let's use the power of your brand to create messages that can't be ignored. That are talked about and gawked about. Passed from people to populations. We can do that more than ever now, and if we do it with a little style and a whole lot of aplomb, we won't have to pay a lot for it.

That's what we do at Dunn&Co. We talk to consumers and build momentum on your behalf (no matter where in the world your half be). But we certainly don't mean the old ivory tower cliché, we-do-nothing-but-print-and-television-spots-here kind of talking. In fact, we've never been afraid to roll up our sleeves and get dirty in any medium that best serves the idea and the audience.

It's been that way since 2003, when Troy Dunn opened the doors of our Tampa-based shop. Shortly after, a few of his former international clients missed his dedicated service so much they decided to come along for the ride. And they're still on board to this day.


Dunn&Co has been working with major health care companies for nearly a decade, which means we've become experts at taking extremely complex information and distilling it down to consumer speak whether a brand is selling spirits or surgical gloves. Your R&D team may be in love with its newest algorithm but we'll dig deep down to find a creative and compelling message that sticks with your audience.


Passion Branding™, digital content, cultural movements, even good ol' fashioned billboards…they're all part and parcel of how we creatively solve problems. And we've yet to meet a brand of any size that didn't have a problem in desperate need of a creative solution (or two). So let's define your problem and let's get to work.

Advertising & Design Digital Experiences Package Design
Strategic Brand Management Video Production Public Relations
Brand/Identity Development Multimedia Production Promotions Management
New Product Development Motion Graphics Internal Corporate Campaigns
Social & Mobile Solutions Website Design Attractics™

We're proud to create work
for truly great brands.

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In three words—"experiential lead generation." But the longer story behind Attractics™ lies in Dunn&Co.'s ability to deliver unique tactics that initiate lead-generation much earlier in the consumer acquisition process. It begins with head-turning, anywhere-you-want, multimedia experiences that captivate audiences with a refreshing blend of education and entertainment. Using Attractics™, global clients such as GE Healthcare and Baxter Healthcare have realized lead increases of over 100%.

What also sets Attractics™ apart is turnkey delivery. From concept through on-site management, our team becomes an extension of your brand's team—dressed for the part, encouraging participation, running the tactics, smiling sincerely and directing prospects to your staff for follow-up and further interaction.

Whether utilizing one of our already-proven tactics or crafting new ones tailored to your product's or service's key benefits, Dunn&Co.'s Attractics™ deliver the leads you need to forge a solid relationship with your best prospects.

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Hang Out With Us

We play together in a historic cigar factory near a legendary restaurant, where legend has it, the mob plotted its domination of Cuba. We have a waffle maker, a bagpipe player, and a former ABC News man at the helm who is happy to report that D&C is where creative collaboration and big ideas matter. We have a billiards table, a dart board, and the pirate legend of José Gaspar every January, and vodka. We have a lot of vodka here, and many of us are just old enough to enjoy it.

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There's a ton of award-winning talent in this town, but for some reason it's still not a big blip on the Ad World radar. We're going to change that. Dunn&Co. wants to be for Tampa what Fallon is for Minneapolis, Arnold is for Boston, and Martin is for the entire state of Virginia. If you know who those agencies are and know what we're talking about then we want to talk to you whether we have an opening or not. open jobs image

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